Thursday, August 6, 2009

Want a $100 gift card to

I don't know why you wouldn't!

No, I didn't hand my blog over to spammers. This is 100% legit, and I want it. Bad.

Go here: to see the myriad ways that you can enter the giveaway.

WARNING: is NOT safe for work/school. It's the most tasteful sex toy website I've ever seen, but still, I don't think your boss/teacher/mom/grandma would appreciate walking by and seeing a dildo shaped like a unicorn horn on your screen.

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  1. JD,
    Thanks for the retweet. Would love to talk to you more about working together if you are interested. Email me anytime drewg (at) webmerchantsinc (dot) com.

    Thanks again -- great blog !!